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Kehliat HaDror offers a wide array of religious and community activities, including: 

Religious services: on Friday night, holidays and High Holidays 


Activities for Children: We make a special effort to ensure all children are welcome at Kehilat

HaDror. We run special activities to engage and include our youngest members  

Community support: Our committed members provide vital support to the larger community and one another in times of need or crisis.


Mother-daughter bat mitzvah workshop: Only 2% of bat-mitzvah age girls in Israel celebrate by reading from the Torah. That is why we developed this unique workshop (the only of its kind in Jerusalem). To help girls and their mothers explore feminism in Judaism and encourage our coming-of-age-young-women to partake of this mitzvah.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation: We provide one on one preparation for bar/bat mitzvah in order to help develop a unique meaningful and egalitarian experience for each child and their family. Preparation includes practical and spiritual guidance with a special emphasis on community involvement through social action or service.

ענבל ונעם - שמחת תורה
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