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Our Community

Kehilat HaDror began some 5 years ago as a small group of local residents seeking an egalitarian prayer community in our own neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem. Since that time, our Kehila (community) has blossomed into a vibrant congregation including 50 families and individuals.


About Kiryat Yovel
Kiryat Yovel is a wonderfully diverse neighborhood.  Established in the early '50's to accommodate immigrants from the Arab countries, the social fabric of the neighborhood has evolved to include newer immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia as well including

ultra-Orthodox residents. 
In recent years a cadre of dedicated young families from diverse affiliations has made Kiryat HaYovel their home. These families, many of whom are members of our Kehila, are committed to advancing an open and pluralistic neighborhood district  for all residents. 

"Kehilat HaDror allows me to express my personal religious values AND promote a future for Jerusalem which is progressive and open to all."


"Kehilat HaDror helps me instill in my daughters a sense of Jewish pride, experience and knowledge in a humanistic and egalitarian way"

"Our community is outside the "bubble" of wealthier Jerusalem neighborhoods. Therefore we play an important role in exposing progressive Judaism to the larger Jerusalem community. Our community joins with other Pluralistic communities to ensure that Jerusalem remain a diverse and pluralistic city."

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